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“I’m very thankful to Krista Vitale Mashore and this program!! Anyone at any level in their biz can benefit from any/all of the parts of this program! I have been blessed to receive a few great awards in my career but this is by far the best!!! Out of 17,000 agents I was recognized as the top 100! When I saw who I was pictured among in this group. . . I was floored! It’s the top of the top in my industry. This group has brought my social media and advertising game to the level! Set me apart from the group and this was the results.”

Want to share our big wins after being on Krista’s program for 10 weeks! Listed a home, helped Seller buy a New Home. (this client refers us to her friend to buy a home) 3 deals from 1 Buyer lead from our Facebook ad. We did our first listing presentation today using some of your presentation, and we got the listing on the spot and will be helping Sellers find a home as well. Another listing appointment scheduled this weekend and the seller will be using us to buy a new construction home. Working with 10 buyers leads from our Facebook ad.

Krista Vitale Mashore YOU ROCK!

“I am continuously blown away by the Elite program that I’ve joined. It has CHANGED my business! I got 73 leads from one post after only being in the program 1 month!”

– Brooke C.

“Hi, Mr. Andersen, very professional job on a less than $300k listing. I have bought, built or renovated & re-sold > 2,000 units in the Chicagoland area since 1975. The various Realtors who have represented me over the years have never done such a professional job for my listings, even on my $500k renovations!”

– Eric A.

“I took my first 795k listing thanks to your tools!!! I was told I would never get a luxury listing if I left BHHS!”

– Jamie F.

7 days on market
3 offer
5 showings – each showing was a direct result of them seeing the video. Not MLS.”

– Erica W.

“Got my systems down! Pumped to say the least! Last night got a late text from a lady. Wants me to come list her house bc she SEEN MY VIDEOS! $705k”

– Jacqulyn N.

“My best friends have been contemplating selling their investment property for about a year now. I’ve talked about it many times over wine with them to no avail. Tonight however, they decided I was the right agent to list this $800,000 income property for them cause I ‘have the best exposure and would be more capable of selling for highest price in the quickest time frame!’

– Jess W.

“I just wanted to share a HIGE win, I just got a 725K buyer in contract that wants me to also list their home. This . buyer makes 7 properties in escrow right now, and one of them I double ended off a property video (so 8 sides total). This is over 4M in contract!”

– Julee P.

“Guys it’s working! I got 4 cMA requests just today so far from next door since I launched it at 12am. I’m . excited and this is my first lead gen ad ever.”

– Kay S.

“The biggest part of the win is that she saw my Niche videos about waterfront property and she has asked me to list her 4850k+ waterfront property. STICK WITH THIS PROGRAM”

– Mary Ellen T.

“Look at some of these stast on just one platform, in a month or less.

– Over 9 hours of on evideo being watched
– 45K+ people reached that are interested in buying or selling locally. (Up from 24K in December)
– 167 people purposely clicked to watch my video instead of just allowing it to auto play. “

– Melissa.

“Omg!! I just got a 1M-1.5M ocean view home buyer lead from my graduation ad!!! This is working!!!!

– Shemeika.

“I posted a property I have listed for $168,900 but after talking with him he is interested in half million properties for higher rental income. It;s starting to work”

– Tracey P.

“Announcement! I just listed my first 1,000,000.00 home and the reason she called me was the videos I am putting out there informing people about real estate”

– Rich B.

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